Goodbye Paradise

I woke up at 3:00 am
With a message in my phone that said :
“You know she isn’t love”
Then i though “i need something
to calm this flames in my head”
Cause my brain was about to explode
And the nightmares of a condemned life didn’t leave alone

I can’t stop of feeling guilty
In the name of all the things she does for me
But inside i know
her venus body
can’t feed the fire in me,

Lost inside a paradise
a promises,faith and doubt
I thought i could
but i can’t live this fake
I choose my freedom
even if i should sleep under the sea

Without my art
without my fuel
I supposed to be your robot
But in the name of my value
I say to you
Goodbye paradise

What’s the price of our freedom?
Why we can’t choose?
Only heaven knows
how much we try
But this didn’t work

A goodbye is never easy to say
Now a God takes a female form
And blind me with her love
the right one in the wrong time

4:45 and the bags at the door
I look her softly and fragile sleeping
I left a note in the floor
And i was ready
to take my own way
But walking through the corridor
a light turn’s on

Tears and fears
all over the floor
Screams and questions
Out of control
A phone call sounds
loudest as never
When she said
– take it,what’s left to this show?

I pick it up an the voice whispers
-Come to my apartment,
And say goodbye to paradise


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