Lover Souls

We found us…
broken and attached by the past
Flying above of everything
but without move a feet off the floor

We were more than just normal people
An stellar conection
Something hit my head

I was a lonely boy
Lost in a maze
Of useless words and contradictions

You were a girl destined to be a God
But so afraid of the power of her soul
The same soul that could heal a thousand broken hearts

(Like mine…)

But you can’t do it with yours
Maybe i can

Give me all you got,all those pieces inside your chest.
I’ll be the one that put them all together again
Day by day

(Now i’m guided by your light)

You said you were not perfect
And i said that depends of the eyes who look
‘Cause when i look at you
you are all i ever wanted
Your body could make me burn in a oasis of placer for all eternity
An couple of eyes ,with her own planets inside
A little lovely nose
And the brighter smile i saw

My perfection of a woman
With a curves that will blow your mind away
Symmetric armony
Maded by the hand of a god

The entire galaxy knows
We are lover souls
That travel trough space and time
‘Cause togheter we bright
Like feux follets
In a swamp

We don’t need each other
(But i choose you)
We could find others
(But you are the one i love)
I never felt like this before

Every morning i woke up counting the days
Every night i understand
Why i feel like the luckiest man on the earth

I’m aint gonna change
All my good things
And all the bad ones
Will always stay the same
We are one soul but still two living persons
Give me freedom and give me love
and i will forever stay with you



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