Where have you been hidden?

Where have you been hidden?
She said dreamily…

Fragile exterior
Stronger mind
Her rainbow eyes illuminate
the gate across the river
‘Cause she can see it
even before it gets built

You got to believe in her words
She doesn’t speak all the time
Only when is necessary
An scream of her soul
Can change
the way you hear other voices

‘Cause the world has change
the way she thinks
About life
About death
About love
About pain
But her heart stills got the same pure nature

And all the voices she always heard
came from her own head
You should be careful
She can make your mind
Feels broken ,stitched,and defeated
If you arent prepared
But blessed,clean and repared
If you say play her game

-Where have you been hidden?
(She said deamily…)

-Inside my mind,just like you.



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