Walk Song

Walk Song
The first on my playlist
Always accompanying the heart
in love with the reason

At each step
the sighs of the lung worn by smog
Don’t let me hear
my own thoughts
Overwhelmed by living in the city
Life goes by so fast
and I want to die in freedom

The sun on my face
reflected by the water of the rivers
Drinking purified water for its rocks
Breathing for first time
the clean air that trees exhale for me

Without a clear destination which follow
a backpack full of unfulfilled dreams
I walk all possible faces
looking at our differences
to create a personal identity
which refine

Lovers in travel
until we reach the same destination
where we’ll part
And say goodbye
with relief in our eyes

In our world the stories
Are written for each kilometer
And we have no time to wait
for those who the road left behind

Walk Song
the soundtrack of the first step i took
Always accompanying the instinct
who felt in love with the intuition

But the mind of a traveller
It is also a dark labyrinth
In that few dare to enter
And nomadism
which only other travellers can take

So walker’s life is also a lonely life
No specific direction to drift in this ocean of stories
Our feet are the only way out
to a coast in which we can find peace

At least until the tide rise again
and we’ll have to swim against the wind
to explore once again the horizon
that showed us the first step
And where maybe one day
we’ll find our true humanity

Walk Song
It’s the last you’ll hear
Always accompanying the dream
who felt in love with freedom.



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