I walk trough the minds

I walk trough the minds
Just like a ghost
The people i knew
is just a faded memory in my head
I have no adress
I have no home
The only direction i must follow is there where the wind blow
Far Away from society

Under this red clouds
I can feel a soft breeze
Full of electricity
In this misty night
Shapes in the shadows
So fade and blur
following my fears
Heavy atmospheres over my shoulders

Now i’m a coward i can’t face
the man i became
There’s a light blinding me
And i can’t see were is the end
It’s a bad time to walk alone
But this cold fear in my back
Soon it goes…

And the faith in destiny
makes me fell,that i’ll be fine
Those creatures of the night
They can’t face me
But they aren’t scared
Because i use to be one of them
They are scared
Because now…I’m worse



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