thanks for receive me
you have been so nice with me
and in all of the time we spend
this it’s not the first letter i wrote for you

But let me tell you this time
i think is different
in these new days we live
is only one way
to give you back this love of yours

We are only four
there is nobody else at all
we keep
waiting  togheter
fighting togheter
to understand this life
but you know life’s not a rehearsal
we should keep on move on
an you always were our motor

Similar faces
that’s what everybody says
i dont really seems to care
but when i look myself in the mirror
i understand what mean the words
soul love

In the past
i use to say to you
thanks for everithing
now grow and without shame
the feeling still stands
i could write a thousand words
but the meaning never gets away

For yesterday,today
and everyday
i promise you gratitude
everytime you say hello
and i promise you gratitude
even when i fight with you
I promise gratitude
for all the time that pass
from now and then
And from everywhere 🙂


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