All idols are dead

All idols are dead
It is written in the titles of newspapers
There is no one to trust
Lies do not have the same weight as before
Now they are common in any negotiations
No one is afraid to say them so believing avoid their sad reality
Built great monuments to the value of cowardly souls
Sustained by blind slaves, who abandoned the truth

All idols are dead
say internet portals
the sick minds that do not reach the power
Kill their lambs in search of peace of mind
money ended with joy and spread the rumor
Plastic masks that we all dress
I think it’s time to take them off without fear

All my idols are dead
And I killed
without referring now
the young man must be his own leader
Manage your destination
without expecting anything in return of this wandering and random universe in which we live
Collect your divided soul
calm your emotional tides
leave the bigoted pride
and let night sky fill your mind of truth

All idols are dead
They never existed



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